Construction industry poor on delivery

September 28, 2008

A risk posting a website that maybe updated soon but this was last updated no later then June and possibly even as late as early August 2008. LIRR7 progress You might note it said at the time of me posting that the John Smeaton viaduct would open (provisionally) on 1st September. As at the 26th September there was very little sign of it opening soon even though the project is almost 2 years on.

Is there any other industry where there would be little/no objection to a “delivery date” more than twice as long as that “promised” when the “promise” was made almost as close to the completion as it has over-run?


Worst Motorway Junctions

September 28, 2008

This CBRD website lists some of the worst junctions but it surprisingly misses the M621 Junction 7 northbound off slip.  Within just over 400 yards the traffic leaving this slip must merge to the right with traffic on the A61, which has also just merged with the A639, or else it is forced to rejoinn the M621 on the junction 7 onslip.  In the morning rush hour this leads to 100% of traffic trying to merge right and 50+% of traffic trying to merge left a recipe for chaos in anybody’s book.


September 13, 2008

My stepson wants to paint his room, so my wife is on her way to buy the paint.  She rang him on his mobile (cell) and asked him what colour so he said red or blue.  He isn’t even going to see it.

Would you let someone pick the colour you are about to paint your bedroom on that basis??

Hackney Carriages and New Station Street

September 13, 2008

I’m starting with a pet hate that has only recently been noticed, by myself, as a big problem though at least one other has mentioned it has been around for a while.

In the evening rush hour particularly, the queue of Hackney Carriages at Leeds Station overspills from New Station Street onto Boar Lane.  This doesn’t pose much of a problem with cabs queuing in the direction of a westerly approach.  Boar Lane and before it Duncan Street and Briggate have more than one lane.  Although both can become blocked if a bus needs to stop to let passengers get on and off.

The big problem is Cabs approaching in an easterly direction.  Firstly they have a right turn into New Station Street which means they get less priority on turning at those lights.  Secondly, courtesy of the massive pedestrian island needed to cross the loop for entrance  to Leeds Station, the approach road is single file.  Immediately becoming dual file on boar lane but with the outside lane meant to be the filter lane for traffic turning into the mill hill dog leg (also courtesy of the loop).  I say meant to be but this lane is regularly entirely blocked back to the single lane exit of City Square by queuing cabs.

What’s the answer?  Metro has apparently secured funding for a southern entrance/exit to Leeds Station South Entrance to Leeds Station but I am at a loss as to where this could actually be situated and is unlikely to be able to provide provision for another taxi rank.  The loop isn’t going to go away but the pedestrain island might be reduced by installation of an underground (subway) crossing but that won’t reduce the taxi queues and asociated congestion.  A police presence might work and could earn some revenue, although I suspect the cabbies would argue they are not causing an obstruction as traffic can get past them to turn into Mill Hill by driving on the wrong side of the road on the roadspace meant to give access for traffic to Lower Basinghall Street.  I also suspect you might find a few cabbies that don’t match the licence.

So what would you do?  What is the solution